Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dholpur Rajasthan My Place

If you are heading towards Delhi or Agra from Gwalior or Mumbai when you crosses the river Chambal here comes the one of the most notorious places Dholpur.
Dholpur is the very small city in Rajasthan. It districts headquarter and can say one of the smallest districts in Rajasthan. It’s between the Agra and Gwalior and it’s a very well know area for wrong reasons. Agra and Gwalior are some what equidistant from it around 55-60 kilometers.
Dholpur City starts around one or two kilometer after the Chambal river. Dholpur has four small towns or in technical terms you can say teshil know as BARI, BASERI, SIRMATHURA and RAJAKHERA.
When you cross the Chambal bridge one and only bridge for the Dholpur people to feel some thrill as there are no grill or if its there its too old that it cant even stop a bicycle to fall into the river. But even though I have been there so many times and enjoyed that nearby place very much but luckily never fall down.
Check few images of Chambal Bridge and you will definitely agree with my above comments ;)

Chambal Bridge Distance View

Chambal Bridge Close View

After crossing the Chambal bridge and moving toward the city there is a world famous dhaba known as Jahid ka Dhabha. It’s famous among the people who really like the NON Vegetarian Food. I am also fond of it and had dinner at this dhaba many times, mostly when I meet with my old time school friends.
After lunch or dinner when you move on you will reach a + point. one of the two roads other than highway is going to city and other opposite direction one is going to RECL Rajasthan explosive and chemicals limited in regional language it’s “ Barood factory “.
This side you will found some old buildings which are refurbished for government internal use. The Highway straight is going to “Gulab Bagh Chourah”. There you can see the two roads are going to Bari Baseri and to City Railway Station. Move straight on high way move around 100 mtrs you will get Dholpur bus stand.
Moving forward from bus stand there will be a railway crossing which mostly remains open as it’s a crossing for choti line I mean narrow gage train.
Crossing railway line moving 100- 300 meter forward and you are out of the city.
I will be posting more posts for Dholpur very soon as after above description now its time to talk about the city in my words and mix of few desi key words. J

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